Will the new Bioware release "Dragon Age III: Inquisition" improve on the items and equipment interface?

Asked by: gerrive
  • I really hope so

    I do a agree in the fact that the interface for using weapons and the selection of weapons was very underhandedly executed. Your main character would have hundreds of items in which half or more were not usable depending on your Class ( magi, rough, warrior) . I did how ever liked that intervals of the game you could upgrade your companions armor instead of equipping. Don get me wrong I like how they did it on the first Dragon Age, but this was a nice improvements I like changing weapons not outfits so much.

  • I would not bet on it

    Lately the quality of Bioware games have been decreasing. I mean look at Mass Effect 3 ending. Great Series nothing wrong with it, then 3 minute ending ruins the game. I really liked the dlc's, but I always stop before the final mission. Dragon Age II is another example, DA:O was fantastic. They tried to evolve the game and the mess it up. I am having little faith.

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