• Dead

    Blackberry has done far too little with their newest smartphone to compete in a market that has already been flooded with similar if not better products by their competitors. In my honest opinion, Blackberry 10 was dead before it hit the market. BB10 had to be nothing less than ground breaking to have once again established Blackberry as smartphone leaders.

  • Blackberry will flop for sure.

    Blackberry will never be successfully without completely revamping everything. There are no more demands for Blackberry. The main focus will be on Apple and Samsung. The highly competitive field will make the Blackberry flop. Ultimately, the market forces the best products to come out and Blackberry is not one of them.

  • It Will Flop

    Nobody buys Blackberry Pones anymore. RIM is terrible and outdated, so I doubt the new Blackberry 10 will sell well. Most people are focused on Apple and Samsung products these days. Blackberry is struggling to keep up and consumers realize it. It is over for Blackberry and this will most likely be their final phone.

  • Probably yes.

    The new Blackberry 10 will most likely flop. Blackberry phones are becoming increasingly replaced with I phones or Samsung Smart Phones. As a result of this Blackberry will not be able to compete with the prices, and variety of these very popular phones. Blackberry phones are outdated and do not serve as many needs as other phones.

  • Dead On Arrival

    The BlackBerry 10 is destined for abject failure. The parent company RIM (Research in Motion) has once again done far too little, far too late. With iPhone and Android dominating the market, BB10 needed to be nothing short of extraordinary in order to have a chance of succeeding. Instead we are presented with a minor update and something that is already inferior to what is already on the marketplace.

  • Blackberry Just Needs Time

    Blackberry just got into the cellphone game 6 months ago with the Blackberry 10 software. Its going to take time to fix all the bugs and software issues considering its only the first version. They just need to spend time being responsive to customers and their issues. Another issue they are having is advertising. A lot of people still do not know about Blackberry 10 as most cell phone salesmen are much more likely to push android and iphone products. They have great software and great hardware, quality which is rare in today's cell phone market. So I do not see why they could not bounce back.

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