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  • It Could Be

    Based on the information I have heard so far, this won't really be a Captain America movie like The Winter Soldier. Civil Wars will be like the Avengers 2.5. You will have the newly established Avengers team that we saw close out Age of Ultron, and then you will supposedly have Black Panther, Spiderman, maybe Bucky Barnes, and hopefully Hulk in small roles. It could be great, but it all depends on how they approach it. Especially considering the Rogers VS Stark dynamic, it has a large amount of potential, but also large shoes to fill.

  • It will be the best

    It will be the best film Marvel has had. This is because studios have perfected action films with the latest technology, techniques that movies of the past did not have or were not evolved enough to have yet. It will be exciting to watch and will bring in a new fan base to Marvel Comics.

  • Good cast and great story

    Captain America: Winter Soldier was an outstanding movie that added alot of real content to a big time action movie. The new movie has a huge cast already lined up with what seems to be a dynamic story. This movie has all the makings of an epic addition to the Marvel line up.

  • No. Ghost Rider is the best

    No super hero is better than Ghost Rider. The show, Captain America, has always been a little cheesy. I don't think the new one will be better or worse. In fact today I'm going to see The Avengers. I think it will be really good. Because it's not just Captain America.

  • No the older ones were better

    I personally prefer the older ones as apposed to the newer ones. They had a better story line in my opinion. I do like the comedy in all marvel films but i prefer dc based on the characters alone. I love movies with good storylines that's why i would go with the older ones

  • The New Captain America Film is Good Not the Best

    The New Captain America Film, will be a great film. Chris Evans is a fantastic Captain America, and the aesthetics of the film alone are pretty spectacular. Avengers: Age of Ultron and the first Avengers Movie are by far the best Marvel movies across the board. It's individual, supporting films (Thor, Iron Man, Captain America) are all above par movies but do not compare to The Avengers.

  • Some good competition

    Not necessarily. I mean, you would have to put it up against the avengers and x-men series as well as all the other superhero movies or trilogies that Marvel has put out. Also compare it to the prior 2 Captain America's. It is really going to be a rough decision.

  • Australia does not exist therefore this movie is not in existence yet.

    Everyone knows Captain America came from Australia, so this movie is not even in the works, so how can it be the best movie marvel has made? Plus disney owns marvel and we all know how disney presents scrub films like sponge bob so this will not be a good movie, but a non existing one.

  • No, the new Captain America movie won't be Marvel's greatest film.

    No, the new Captain America movie won't be Marvel's greatest film because it is impossible to determine that. Marvel puts out new films every year. Each film is better than the last. If the new Captain America film is Marvel's last film ever, it could be the greatest. It could be the best for the time being, but it can't be the greatest because they get better with each new film.

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