Will the new company Theranos change the health care system in America?

  • yes, due to privato support & research

    They are the first company to have this ultimately breakthrough approach to health diagnostics. They have applied their company to real time information and results which they say is a basic human right. I believe people all over the world will agree that this is a major step forward & breakthrough for everyone to be a couple clicks away from their own information & records. This will drastically change the health care system in America. Instead of going through the procedure in hospitals or doctors by filling out form after form just to see your own records you could be sitting comfortably at home reading them at your leisure from your computer screen.

  • Research and Development Can Only Be of Benefit

    While it is in the nature of society to get excited about any advances in medicine and technology, there does seem to be some additional excitement about Theranos and the company possibilities going forward. The hardest part to understand is that patent and copyright prevent full information from being disclosed, but what we have learned is certainly exciting!

  • They dont have a product - theranos product is not working at all - nucleic acids, chems, cytometry all from a tiny sample -

    They dont have a product - theranos product is not working at all - nucleic acids, chemistry, cytometry all multiplex from a tiny sample this is far too fantastic. Think about it: why do they want to make it "end to end" ? Because it isnt working at all! Try it out and tell it here or somewhere, I bet you need vials of blood taken even by theranos in order to get several multiplex analysis.

  • No They Won't

    One new company is not going to make a difference in American health care. The system is too bogged down with insurance companies and middle man. America needs a single payer format. Beyond that Theranos provides blood tests only. How are they going to "change" something if they're only a small part of it?

  • Theronos will not change anything

    Theronos will not change anything. This is because the health care system and health care products are such a large pool that it would take a massive change to really make a difference in the system. Although a company sometimes comes in and changes everything, a lot of companies produce trends.

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