Will the new Congress be more productive than the last one?

  • Yes, it's a new congress!

    The previous congress gained a bad reputation of getting nothing done and it's hopeful that they would like to improve their reputation this time around. This past election illustrated that people will come out in unexpected numbers to vote when an issue matters to them. That is something that struck the GOP as a surprise. So I think Congress now realizes that they are not operating in a vacuum and that people do pay attention. I hate to sound sexist, but I'm also cheered on by the addition of more women in the mix. They may bring fresh talents and perspectives.

  • No, same bickering, different players

    Sorry, nothing has really changed. The players may of changed but the age old partisan bickering is going to continue. Until we get people in the congress who are willing to step up and do what they are voted in to do, and that is represent the people we will no nowhere.

  • No, because their unproductive behavior is never punished.

    Congress will only change its ways when it no longer becomes profitable to waste taxpayer's time and money. Unfortunately, voters have not realized this and continue to vote individuals into office that commit to unproductive behavior. Voters must act and kick those out of office that waste time in order to create room for a new set of congress members that support the people's ideals.

  • Congress? Productive?

    In a word: No, they won't. Congress hasn't been productive in a positive way since the 1990s, when the Gingrich-led Republicans worked in tandem with President Clinton and the Democrats to create a major economic surplus that all came crashing down with election controversies and terrorist attacks that got the two parties at each other's throats. As the recent fiscal cliff madness indicates, the parties are still at each other's throats and can't agree on anything, period. This "new" Congress, which is still made up of a good amount of the Neanderthals that were in the previous one, won't get anything done. As the Republicans are still in control of the House and the Democrats the Senate, they won't even get along with each other. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is known to strike down anything the Republican House sends his way simply because he knows he won't agree with it. John Boehner, the House Speaker, probably extends Reid the same courtesy. The two houses won't get along with each other. They're not negotiating unless the world is going to end, like with the fiscal cliff, and they're not compromising. Having some new blood isn't going to change a thing.

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