• I hope so

    I'm tired of the hate and fear-mongering of the "Party of No". Republicans seem to be held hostage to Tea Party rhetoric, and are anti-environment, anti-choice, anti-women, and chock full of white men. I hope the new Democrat agenda will bolster mid-term results and show voters an inclusive and supportive party.

  • Yes, the new Democrat agenda will bolster midterm results.

    I believe that the new Democratic agenda will increase midterm election results. Issues like increasing the minimum wage, protecting the environment, and getting big money out of politics all have broad bipartisan support and will greatly increase their chances of holding the senate and winning some new governor's offices in competitive states.

  • No, the new Democrat agenda will not bolster midterm election results.

    No, nothing including the new Democrat agenda, will bolster midterm election results. The American people are very tired of the empty promises and unrealistic agendas espoused by politicians of every party. Many Americans have simply given up and have lost interest in voting for anyone. The only thing that will help election results is the restoration of trust in America's leaders.

  • It is just marketing.

    No, the new Democrat agenda will not bolster midterm election results, because the democrats have been in power for the last six years. Their record will speak for itself. Regardless of how the democrats try to market their image at the last minute, people will remember that they are not better off than they were four years ago.

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