Will the new Destiny "House of Wolves" expansion improve the game overall?

  • Yes, the new Destiny "House of Wolves" expansion improves the game.

    There are now five distinct missions where before there were really less than three, so this gives more options for game play. There are several new weapons and a streamlined format for armor so players won't have to work so hard for Shards and Energies. While the narrative issues have not been resolved, the quality and quantity of game activity has increased, making it a worthwhile choice for gaming.

  • Overcoming What Last DLC Failed At

    Destiny "House of Wolves" expansion is sure going to improve the game overall. The game's first version "The Dark Below" was although a good game but it lacked so many things at so many places that "House of Wolves" seems to have overcome. There are better battles in the game and a whole new arena mode that has the ability to keep player engaged for hours. There are some great new multi player maps and missions and agents have been improved overall.

  • The new Destiny "House of Wolves" expansion is going to improve an already great game.

    The popular and already wonderful game, "House of Wolves" is only going to improve with the new Destiny expansion. This move is going to improve the interface, controls and overall appearance of the game. Added scenes with forceful graphics will extend the game experience with added levels and scenarios. This is a boon for fans of the game as it means better overall gaming experiences.

  • Yes, the "House Of Wolves" expansion will improve the game Destiny.

    Yes, the game Destiny will be improved with the expansion "House Of Wolves". In many ways this newest expansion gets much of what the previous DLC got wrong. It adds many new features to the game which will delight both new and long term players. The arena mode and upgrade ability will allow the player to choose their progression instead of being "on rails".

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