Will the new diplomatic and economic ties between the US and Cuba bring about positive change?

  • Yes its good

    When the US lifted its embargo on Vietnam, things really improved . People who left the country when things went downhill returned to their families, the economy grew, western businesses expanded into a new market, and the standard of living improved greatly. The same thing can happen in Cuba .

  • I think this is a good change for both countries

    I'm finally glad to see that both countries are making this dramatic shift in policy. And yes, I'm sure some people will say that "Yeah, but the country is still under Communist rule" or "They don't have the freedoms there like we do", but hey, we've been doing business with China for well over 40 years despite the politics.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Positive Change Between US and Cuba is a Historic Shift

    The new relationship between the US and Cuba is a positive development. The hostilities between the US and Cuba have gone on for too long. That's something that started so long ago, most people don't even know why the US and Cuba were on bad terms. The trade embargo no longer serves a purpose, and only increases illegal activity.

  • Never say never

    When it comes to the ties between the US and Cuba bringing a positive change, my attitude is simply, if it can help improve things for both countries, why not? I am obviously not too familiar with Cuba's current situaion, but we in America could definitely use some poisitve changes.

  • Yes, due to the reduction of barriers there will be new trade, exchange of ideas and products offered

    Prior to the fall of Cuba to Castro, there was a very large tourist trade on the island with several large hotel chains and professional entertainment centers. Along with the return of previous industries to the islands there will be an open exchange of ideas concerning freedoms and business due to the opening of the Internet. The mere fact that the average Cuban will be able to buy a computer connect to the Internet and see the world will have a big impact.

  • Yes, the new diplomatic and economic ties between the U.S. and Cuba will bring about positive change.

    By removing the commercial, financial and economic embargo, the United States will see some positive change. The improved relationship between the United States and Cuba will increase the economy and travel between the two countries. While helping the United States, it can also help Cuba and possible lead the country towards democracy.

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