Will the new Evil Dead movie be as good as the first?

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  • No, it will not.

    Many people loved the first Evil Dead movie and will always remember how it felt to watch it that first time when it came out. The new Evil Dead movie has potential to be very good, and will obviously have enhanced graphics that was unavailable back then, but people always like the first or original movie best.

  • No, it won't.

    The new Evil Dead might still be good, but I just think people always love the original more. When it comes to movies people have found new ways of enhancing graphics and making things look more real, however they seem to have forgotten how to truly add that suspense, something is about to happen gut feeling that really makes a movie great.

  • There is no improving on the first Evil Dead.

    One of the trademarks of Evil Dead was Bruce Campbell's Ash. The original movie never intended to take itself too serious but maintain a level of horror that was an acceptable campy level. The new Evil Dead will focus on being serious, graphic, and shocking and while will make for a darker, more disturbing version of the movie, it will not replace the original feel or cult following the original has.

  • It's highly doubtful.

    Remakes and sequels are hardly ever as good as the originals. For example, the first Paranormal Activity was decent but the ones that followed were a pure disappointment for movie-goers. The only sequels that I have ever seen that are better than the first would be the Harry Potter series and the Twilight Saga.

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