Will the new focus on abortion help Democrats in the 2012 election?

  • Yes, the new focus on abortion has already helped the Democrats win the 2012 election.

    Yes, I believe that the new focus on abortion has already helped the Democrats win the 2012 election. Although the margin of female voters supporting Obama vs Romney was very thin, after all three debates, and much discussion of issues like abortion, Romney's stance on abortion helped push the female and male vote in Obama's favor.

  • Will the new focus on abortion help Democrats in the 2012 election?

    Democrats won the women vote by twelve percent and the single women vote by thirty eight percent. This is because we live in a progressive society where women should have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies. The republican platform is opposed to women having control of their own bodies.

  • — The longer Akin, GOP abortion views make headlines, the more young and female voters turn out for Democrats

    Akin is running for the seat occupied by Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, and his victory in the close race could hand over control of the U.S. Senate to Republicans. Democrats, however, are attempting to use Akin's comments not only against him in Missouri, but as an example of what the Republican Party stands for on a national scale. The latest focus on abortion has renewed accusations that there is a Republican "war on women" and the party does not understand the concerns of women voters, a bloc with the potential to decide the presidential election.

  • Women Vote Too

    With the defeat of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock for Senate races, it is clear that ultra-conservative stances on abortion didn't help the Republicans in the 2012 general election. Women are a huge voting bloc too. The GOP needs to realize that the face of the American voter is no longer an old, white, rich guy. Instead, Obama is a more realistic person to represent American interests.

  • Yes, the Democrats have a much more realistic stace on abortion

    I believe that the renewed focus on abortion will help the Democrats in the 2012 election because they have a much more rational and realistic stance on the issue. The Republicans, however, have a more hard-line stance that goes to extremes, such as forcing a woman who is raped to birth the child. In 2012, we should focus on individual rights and freedoms, rather than antiquated religious ideals in our government policy.

  • Yes, the new focus on abortion should help the Democrats in the 2012 election

    The renewal of the abortion issue in this year's campaign season should help the Democrats more than in years prior. Some of Mitt Romney's positions and statements regarding women's reproductive rights and abortion have been considered inconsiderate, ignorant and outdated. This, coupled with Obama's rather level approach on the issue should definitely boost the Democrats chances in 2012.

  • Not if people actually bothered to educate themselves on Margaret Sanger/Planned Parenthood

    Margaret Sanger - founder of Planned Parenthood promoted eugenics and Planned Parenthood was the tool for that. She wasn't about women having control over their bodies/parenthood. Much like the Nazi's she was about wiping out certain populations while selectively breeding what she deemed to be "superior" genetic profiles. PP manipulates women to harvest fetal parts - even entire fetuses able to live outside the womb. They alter methods & timing of abortions to harvest better organs or intact fetuses and sell them. Is this putting the woman's welfare first or caring about all people/races? If people bothered to do their homework or the media did a better job of reporting the full story, most people would look at the situation differently.

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