• The new Jag will be successful

    The new Jag will be successful. This is because America is partially a land where people seek prestige with expensive name brands. Having a Jaguar SUV will make some people feel like they have a higher status because they spent more money on their SUV than someone did with a cheaper brand.

  • The new Jaguar SUV will be a success in the marketplace.

    There is definitely market space open in the high-end SUV marketplace. The new SUV offering by Jaguar will be an excellent fit for that pent-up demand for high-end SUVs. Combined with the drop in long-term gas and oil prices the newest Jaguar SUV long is going have a very successful launch worldwide.

  • Yes, Jaguar SUV will see success

    Finally, following on the heals of other popular car companies - BMW, Porsche, and Audi - into the SUV game, Jaguar is guaranteed success just because of the name. Like the others, the Jaguar brand will be enough to put their new SUV on a path of success. And chances are they will have perfected the challenges the other automakers had in getting their own SUVs going.

  • Two different brands.

    No, the new Jaguar SUV will not be successful, because it is too much of a gap for people to think of SUVs when they think of Jaguars. When a person wants a Jaguar, they do not want something practical, nor do they want something to pick up their kids in for soccer practice. Jaguar should stick to luxury.

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