Will the new Jaguar SUV find its way into upper middle class America's garages?

  • The Jaguar SUV will be parked in US garages

    The Jaguar SUV will be parked in US garages. This is because SUVs are already popular with families. And there are limited choices in upper-end vehicles in the SUV category. Jaguar is a popular name with the upper middle class, and so it will be a good choice for a lot of upper income American families.

  • Yes, the Jaguar SUV will be in the upper middle class garages

    Jaguar's new SUV will be a hot topic amongst those who have it all and want more. For those that are not interested in the BMW X5 or the Porsche Cayenne, the new Jaguar will be a great talking piece. What will drive it into the garage will be savy 'must have' marketing campaigns by Jaguar.

  • Late to the game

    This will be a tough market to break in to. Too many of the other luxury car makers have already established luxury SUV's and have done well in that market. Not only is Jaguar late but they have a dubious quality record that they need to overcome and this makes it a daunting task for them.

  • We don't want it.

    When a person thinks about getting a family vehicle, first and foremost, they want the safest thing possible. In my part of the country, that means getting the vehicle that will drive the best in the snow. We aren't interested in having the name Jaguar on the car if it compromises safety for our family.

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