• Definitely going to be better!

    Obviously the updated version of this movie will be better...The older version you couldnt even take seriously as a horror movie . The newer version im sure will not only have better effects but a more believable set of cirumstances in the sense that it doesnt have something as pointless as an evil clown toy lol. Im saying this because i've already seen poltergeist

  • Newer "Poltergeist" will surpass original.

    The newer, more update version of "Poltergeist" will probably be a better experience than the original for a few simple reasons. These reasons would include better quality that will be produced with the newer technologies, and more advanced effects that will convey more suspense and scare factor to the viewing audience. The new version will probably have a better, more concise story line than the original as well.

  • Remakes of movies such as 'Poltergeist' seldom as good as the original

    No, the new 'Poltergeist' will not be as good as the original movie. The reason is that the uniqueness and surprise factor has been lost over the years as the things that made the original so terrifying and fresh will not work in the new one. This is another case of needing to leave the original alone as it stands.

  • I am not a fan of remakes.

    My feeling is why mess with success, i don't really like to see movies or even TV programs remade. Also, if I were a film maker I wouldn't want to do a remake of the film. Sorry, but the original Poltergeist franchise had a whole lot of bad karma surrounding it. Some would say it was all a coincidence but from the first film to the last film there was whole lot of tragedy behind the scenes surrounding these films.

  • The new movie will be different.

    The new Poltergeist movie will not necessarily be a bad movie. I do not think this movie will be as good as the original because it is no longer a new concept. People know what to expect so the scare factor is not as high. I believe they will take a different approach.

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