• The new Star wars will live up to the level of the new trilogy, but not the original.

    The original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes 4 - 6) were classics and lightning will not strike twice. But the new movies will live up to and exceed the standards set by the more recent Star Wars movies. The newer trilogy (episodes 1 - 3) failed to live up to the original trilogy but the makers learned from their mistakes and will not repeat them in the making of the new movie.

  • The New Star Wars Will Be The Best of All 4

    The new Star War has to be better than the other movies just due to new technology. Years have past since the last movies and the technology available now is incredible. Also, they are bringing back many characters that have not been in the movies since the beginning. There is no way that this will not be a money-making blockbuster.

  • Yes it will be

    We have so many more awesome graphics that we can use in movies these days, they could make it so great! As long as they stick with the same style and don't try to change too much of the essence of star wars, I think this movie has serious potential.

  • For everyone who replied, you're all idiots!

    Star Wars Battlefront is the game, not the new movie you fucking morons! And as for the question, the game is trash compared to Battlefront 1 and 2. There's hardly any vehicles, there's no droids, it's too easy, too fast paced, the maps are small as shit, hero battles suck, and there's no space battles like there were in battlefront 2. It's only good in one way, and it's obvious: the graphics. Pretty obvious that the graphics would be that of modern games of the time, but the gameplay strays too far from the originals. It might as well be a completely different game. Anyone who has played the originals knows that the game doesn't live up to the standards of the famed Battlefront series. Shame on EA for creating this trash and calling it a game.

  • No, the new Star Wars will not be good.

    No, the new Star Wars, Battlefront, will not be as good as the ones before for several reasons. One reason is that there is a big time gap from when the old ones were made and now. Now there will be different actors and it will all just be different. The special effects may be better, but the old ones were good because they didn't have all of the special effects. So the new one will not be as good as the old ones.

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