• Yes, Because Special Effects Technology Has Improved Greatly

    Yes, I believe the new Star Wars film will definitely live up to the hype that currently surrounds it. There are many of us who stood in line when the original Star Wars first opened years ago. New technology, computer graphics and unlimited imaginations have always been a huge draw for Star Wars. The fact that many of the original cast have agreed to appear in it makes it very highly anticipated. I think it will be extremely popular and well received.

  • Fans Will Love New Star Wars Film

    With so many die-hard Star Wars fans, the movie will do great in the box office! The real test will be how much the initial rush of people to the theaters enjoy and talk about the film. If that initial rush loves the film, tell their friends to go, and share that they loved it on social media, then another rush of people go to the film. I believe that will happen and the movie will be a big success!

  • Why the Star Wars Movie Will Live Up to Its Hype

    With the new movie 'Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens' hitting theaters in December 2015, fans are becoming increasingly anxious to go and see it in theaters. The movie will meet everybody's high expectations because, in an era of breathtaking graphics and amazing technology, more can be done with the film franchise than in the past.

  • At least it will be better than the Prequels.

    Come on. I don't think Star Wars can go lower than the Prequels (well, the Clone Wars, but...). They were so bad that from then on, Star Wars could only go up. Think about it. George Lucas had a good idea but then he almost killed it. Excessive lensflares aside, JJ Abrams is a very respected director and did a fine job with Star Trek: Into Darkness. I think the new trilogy is in good hands.

  • It's hard to live up to a legend.

    So many adults were captivated as children by the spectacle and excitement of the original Star Wars movies. Like the legendary Jedi, the first three films released created a sense of wonder and mystery in an entire generation. Since these films captured so many young imaginations, there's an element of nostalgia for the child-like awe that young viewers associated with these films.

    The prequel trilogy disappointed many, in part, because they could not induce the same sense of wonder. In an attempt to explain the pre-Empire world hinted at in the original trilogy, the films lost sight of the mythic overtones that were used so well in the original films. Explanations like Midichlorians combined with dull political plotlines left many viewers aching for a return to the swashbuckling of Luke Skywalker.

    WIth this in mind, the new Star Wars film seems, from the previews, to be adding plenty of action back to the franchise, but it still may be hard to recapture the glory of the original trilogy in the minds of fans.

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