• Portrays the events and elements of Real live

    The new drama show called Empire will definitely be a success if the same consistency is shown. The stories they portrays depicts the life of real life events and circumstances. Due to this, it's relatable and in turn very receivable to a wide population. Lastly, the premise of the show was built fundamentally strong so it have substance to grab viewers attention and gain their loyalty as regular viewers.

  • Yes, "Empire" will be successful.

    With so many new TV series being launched all the time now, it's always hard to say what will succeed and what won't. It is often difficult to cut through the noise and make an impact. But so far, the show "Empire", looks promising. It examines a social and economic arena, the record label industry, that attracts a lot of interest these days, which should help the show's success.

  • Yes, the new show "Empire" will be a hit.

    Yes, the TV show "Empire" from acclaimed director Lee Daniels will be a success. The unique new drama on Fox is sure to offer an intriguing look into the world of hip hop, and viewers will see great performances by big stars like Courtney Love, Naomi Campbell, and Gabourey Sidibe.

  • Yes, TV's new show "Empire," with all it's high-caliber acting and "bling", will be a success.

    Yes, I believe "Empire" will be a success. Based on the previews for the show, it seems to strike the right balance of glitz, glamour, and high quality acting. The show is centered around a successful rap music company and the family that runs it. Considering the success of rap music in recent years, and the lack of TV shows depicting that world, "Empire" seems destined to capture a large audience.

  • It was really neat.

    The pilot episode of Empire was really impressive, and I think it will be a success. The plot was really good, and the episode kept my attention the entire time. The characters were compelling. I think that FOX has created a powerful drama, and it will be a hit, much like FOX was in the early 2000s.

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