Will the newly elected Lebanese president bring hope to the people of Lebanon?

  • Yes, the new president should bring hope.

    After a stalemate lasting two years the people of Lebanon should now have more hope because there is finally somebody at the top in charge of their country. Having no president for such a long time is obviously going to be damaging so they should have hope that at least the problems created can now be worked on. However the problems that exist include very deep divisions amongst people living in the country, but at the minimum there needs to be someone to work on those deep divisions and they now have that.

  • Yes he will bring hope.

    Yes, it's been a long time since the Lebanese people had a new president. They've been going through a lot politically and economically. Having a new president that they've just voted in will bring the people of Lebanon hope. It's a new start, new beginnings. He will bring hope and maybe even positive changes.

  • Yes, seems so.

    Most Lebanese want Hezbollah gone. they are just as bad as the zio, nst when they invaded. A gang of Iranian crooks and thugs who do more damage to the country than the Saudis. Also, the civil war started because the Christians (minority) had all the power and the Muslims (Sunni majority) were left out. Do your homework before posting garbage like this.
    on a side note the country didn't have a president because of Hezbollah and their threats to start another war if they didn't get their way.

  • Yes, the newly elected Lebanese president will bring hope to the people of Lebanon.

    Yes, the newly elected Lebanese president will bring hope to the people of Lebanon because they have needed a change for years. Now that a new president is taking over, they will finally get new legislation passed and will be able to look toward the future. All they needed was change.

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