• Hope

    Theres always hope. I cannot believe how negative the no people are.I hope they do plat which they probably will not since it is so late in the year, but maybe the cheap owners will give them more pay. The players have worked hard to get where they are so I hope all will go well.

  • The NHL is a Mess

    The NHL will not play this year. I think everyone knows this. the league has been a mess for a while now and there are no signs of anything changing in the near future. The current commissioner greedy and is in cahoots with the owners. They will miss this season and when they return not much will change.

  • Not happening

    No league hates relevance more than the NHL. I love hockey, I truly do. For whatever reason, every time people start to care about this sport again it takes a year off. Gary Bettman is a scumbag that is more concerned with everybody knowing how great he is than resolving things. Get rid of him and maybe you have a future that features consistent play and not adding a pile of teams nobody cares about for quick cash grabs.

  • No, the NHL won't play this year

    The season is way too far gone for the NHL to have any meaningful season this year. Both sides are just too greedy to realize the simple facts that this is just a game played by children making millions of dollars and still wanting more. And the sad fact is that those that are hurt the most are the employees and businesses in those cities where there are teams. Those are the people that have lost income by this stupid display of greed.

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