• Gun control is SO 20th century!

    The general evolution of human society worldwide is toward greater individual freedom, and away from collectivism.
    Gun rights appear to be an exception to this trend, at first glance. But gun prohibition's golden days were the 1930s... Think FDR's gun prohibition campaign, which was inspired by Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia. And today outside the USA, we see Canada slowly moving in the direction of gun rights (for example, they recently eliminated their long-gun registry.) Canada is a notably sane and stable nation (as opposed to Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, which recently enacted a total gun ban as its murder rate continues to skyrocket.)
    I have faith that logic, reason, and libertarianism will win ultimately out in the gun debate... Just as it is winning out in other arenas of libertarianism versus authoritarianism.

  • Confusion on the Left

    Benjamin Franklin stated that "those who would trade essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety". I would like someone who opposes the Second Amendment explain how more laws that deprive law abiding citizens the right to bear arms is going to make this a safer world. ALL of the mass shootings at Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, etc. occurred in so called gun free zones. How did those restrictions put a restraint upon the mass murderers who
    knew in advance that they would not encounter any armed resistance? The Second Amendment does not give me the right to bear arms. It recognizes that the right is already in existence and states that this is not to be infringed upon.

  • Well, we just did.

    The reason why we did is because we are more organized then the anti gunners. They pro gun people put more pressure on their senators then the anti gun people. So it all comes down to action. You can say all you want but if you don't back it up with political action, you fail in your cause

  • Yes

    There is no way they're losing. If Obama attempts to deprive the country of guns the NRA will fight back along with every other patriot in this country. Besides, if Obama takes all of the guns from the rest of the county the NRA and the people who refuse him will be the only ones with guns.

  • Absolutely

    This is an issue of humanity. This is the right to survive, the right to exist, the right to live. That we are in danger of losing here. The government did this to our ancestors. And so America was born, and the 2nd Amendment was written "The people's right to keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed." for this reason. The government cannot have the power to decide life and death of the people. When the government already spits upon the laws, the laws will not work for the people. Anyone opposing gun confiscation in Katrina under Bush was shot and killed. Americans will not be murdered by their government for having a soul and freedom. We will keep our guns. And if necessary, we will eradicate government tyranny with them.

  • The right to bear arms is not just a right. It's also an American heritage.

    It's there to ensure that the people can defend themselves against enemies both foreign and domestic, to defend against the government should it turns tyranny (as it did to the tyrannical rule of England). To take away what makes America America is to betray the very core of our tradition. It will fail.

  • The NRA is a loud minority

    Most Americans seem to be moderate about gun issues. I myself am a gun owning liberal. I sure don't mind if people have guns, but there is no reason to be irresponsible about it. I think most Americans want guns to remain legal for citizens who do not suffer from mental illness. The NRA's is weakened and defensive because they are too extreme, sometimes the milder position is the stronger and more defensible one.

  • No Our Second Amendment rights will overrule their regulations

    Americans will refuse to be stripped of our rights stated in the second amendment of our constitution. We have the right to bear arms. Taking away guns would no more stop murders from happening than storm warnings stop storms. Their is enough opposition that the NRA will never win this debate.

  • The Proxy Gun War

    American politicians are using guns as a shell game to shift our focus away from our deep seated economic and societal issues. The NRA will not win this, as the result of the current legislative push is predetermined. The so called assault weapon ban will pass, under the misguided ideal that magazine limits and banning pistol grips will stop future violent crime.

  • They can't win since it isn't a debate.

    What's happening isn't a debate. A debate would involve facts and reason. Nowhere is anyone debating this issue. It's one side either shouting, using an emotional argument, deceiving by misrepresentation of the facts, or outright lying their way to victory. Usually it's the anti-gun side that does most of this. Although the pro-gun side has a lot of stupid folks too.

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