• Yes it will.

    Jobs are much higher, and since Barack Obama is a democratic canidate that works hard at creating jobs, and it is clear that his work is paying off. Hillary Clinton has a plan that is similar to Obamas and builds off of it and her approval will surely go up.

  • If the Jobs report is good.

    Obama is a Democrat and Hillary works very closely with him. If the jobs report is good as it has been all throughout Obama's presidency then I think she wouldn't be wrong taking a little credit for it. People never seem to look at the positives during this election season. They have only been trying to tear down their opponent.

  • It has been good.

    Regardless of who is to credit or to blame, the economy is good right now. People are hiring more than they were in 2007. Houses across the country are no longer in foreclosure. This will only benefit the democrats, which in this case is Hillary Clinton. She will piggy back on the numbers, regardless of whether Congress or Obama is to credit.

  • Yes, the October jobs report will benefit Hillary Clinton.

    Yes, I do believe that the October jobs report will benefit Hillary Clinton. Since she is a democrat like President Obama and says she will keep his administration the same, this could make people believe that she will also increase the number of jobs. This will help her perhaps with some undecided voters.

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