Will the Oscar nominations for "Whiplash" encourage major studios to offer more opportunities to independent film makers?

  • I hope so

    Its about time this has happened. Considering that the better quality films have come from small, independent film makers its high time that they are rewarded for their efforts. The big studio movies these days are overblown, formulaic and generally aimed at moviegoers with room temperature IQ's. I just hope that the big studios don't squash the creativity of the indie filmmakers.

  • That's the Way It's Going

    Large studios that control all of the movies we see are now a thing of the past. Low-budget films that have a great story or a great actor can be just as successful as anything produced by a large studio or with a large budget. The Blair With Project of 1999 was the first example. The large studios are going to have to give indies a chance.

  • Well received, and inspirational

    Whiplash will encourage major studios to offer more opportunities to independent film makers due to the film's success. With a gross of around $140,000 at independent film theatres, this film received great reviews and encourages film studios to rethink delving into dependent films. Its success makes it a motivational film for musicians and studios alike.

  • "Whiplash" will bring independent film makers into the mainstream

    Films like "Whiplash" draw attention to independent movies. Major studios can't ignore the critical and box office success of independent films like this one. "Whiplash" could pave the way for independent film makers to gain financial support of major studios. This collaboration combines the innovation of independent movie makers with the resources of mainstream film.

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