Will the Packers win the Super Bowl this year?

Asked by: atoy120
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  • Of course not!

    They were lucky to win the one they did with the defense they had. They barely got by the Eagles that year in the Wild Card round and it's been downhill ever since. Aaron Rodgers is grossly overrated and already showing signs of aging. They aint goin nowhere. Sorry Cheeseheads!

  • It is not likely.

    They are a great team. Even though they are in one of the most challenging divisions, they consistently win, however, as it often does, it will leave them battered come the end of the season and usually without great seed position. This will result in them having to fight through a gauntlet of tough road games (like going into Seattle or into New England). They could win, but it is not too likely.

  • They are not good enough

    Honestly, the Packers /most likely/ won't go that far. I think the farthest they can get with their lineup is losing in the division championships. Sorry but there are better teams in the NFL even though they are one of the better teams in the Northern Division.
    Hockey is where it is at though.

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