• The Patriots Win This Year Super Bowl

    The Patriots have had extremely good years the last 6-7 seasons. They managed to classify to final rounds for several consecutive years. The team has its star player, Tom Brady, a very talented and effective quarterback. Yes, its high time Brady and company to win the Super Bowl and we, the fans, are looking forward to it.

  • No way the New England Patroits will make it to the Super Bowl.

    New England play a horrible game in their loss Sunday to the Miami Dolphins. The offense sucked, no blocking, missed assignment and dropped passes. Unless they do back to basics they won't even make the playoffs! Brady needs to invest some extra workout time with his receivers. Their timing was lacking.

  • Sports predictions indicate it's a possibility

    The Patriots have signed Darrelle Revis, who has proven his potential to excel. Not to mention, they have 7 receiving threats on their team now. There are a couple of questions in regards to their offensive line - however, just like the well known saying goes, "The best offense is a great defense."

  • No, I dont think they will.

    No, I don't think they will. I just don't think tom Brady has enough offensive weapons around him this year. I think the pats need to upgrade their defence as well. I think the team will make it to the playoffs but will not reach the super bowl at all. I don't like the team.

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