• Yes Tom Brady

    Tom Brady will win the Super Bowl for the patriots. He is going to dominate the broncos and move on. When they do it is a simple win on either Seattle or San Francisco. If they can't beat the broncos which it will be quite the game. Then they are out and it would not be a big surprise because broncos are a good.

  • Brady is GOAT

    If you ask one quarterback of this generation to put his team on his back, the man doing it most often is Brady. Rings are everything and he has more than any active quarterback. He does more with less surrounding talent, and has won the big dance three separate times.

  • Comeback Kids: Patriots

    The Patriots have come back all season. I can't go against a team that knows how to win big games with few people. Tom Brady has does an exceptional job, even without 4 of his 5 top receivers. And then against the Browns they lost Gronkowski. Yet, they still won the game. So, to beleive they can't do it just because they don't have Peyton Manning type players, doesn't mean it can't happen.

  • The Seahawks defense is too powerful.

    Even if the Patriots beat the Colts, they will most likely lose the Super Bowl against Seattle's amazing defense. Seattle beat Green Bay with Richard Sherman playing with one hand. If you play with one hand, you hands down (no pun intended) deserve to win the Super Bowl over any other team.

  • The pats will not win the Super Bowl this year.

    The patriots will not win the Super Bowl this year. I say this because the broncos along with Seattle have been playing really good lately. Peyton manning is having one of his best seasons he has had leading the Denver broncos to the first seed and getting past the San San Diego chargers I the division championship.The Seahawks have been playing very good also and have been so difficult to beat at home with those crazy Seattle fans. Patriots however lost a key player in Ron gronkowski

  • Tom Brady sucks

    He lost two time to Eli manning in the super and Tom Brady is the best qb? If your a legit you come through in the big game. He is going to lose to Paton manning this round and stop their run there. But Russell Wilson and the Seahawks will beat the broncos in the supper bowl

  • Patriots?Super Bowl?I dont know

    Well the Patriots are a high powered team but I don't know about the Super Bowl. Their next game is against the the record breaking Denver Broncos who are on a roll. And even if they get through the Broncos the NFC doesn't have teams that do not roll over and quit

  • No, no, no.

    If they win this week, then they more than likely face Denver, and the way the Broncos are playing I don't see how anybody in the AFC can beat them. If they do, however, then they will most likely have to face a just as tough Niners or Seahawks squad. (that is my thought.)

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