• Check your facts

    The Boston bruins finished the nhl season 1st in the league better than Colorado Chicago Anaheim Pittsburgh and St. Louis. A lot of the times the team who finishes 1st has a great advantage. I mean look at last year blackhawks finished 1st and won the stanley cup and this is coming from a kings fan GO KINGS GO!!!

  • They will win it all!

    The penguins have a star team and they can win without Crosby or Malkin. Their record is 31-11-1 which makes them 4th in the NHL, unlike Boston who are tenth. They are also first in the Eastern Conference and ''Sid the Kid'' is leading the NHL with points (65). That is why I believe the Penguins are going to win the Stanley Cup and shut all of those Bruins fans up.

  • The Penguins will not win the Stanley Cup.

    The Penguins will not win the Stanley Cup. While they have super stars like Malkin and Crosby, that is not enough to win a cup, especially these days. The cup this year will go to a more well rounded team, like the Sabres or the Bruins, because they have what it takes to win.

  • They Will Not Win The Stanley Cup

    The Penguins do not have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup most years. Their talent levels does not favorably compare to other teams, like the New Jersey Devils or the New York Rangers. This will be quite a sad disappointment to fans in both Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

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