• Yes, the Philippines will be able to control its murder rate.

    Yes, the Philippines will be able to control its murder rate but they might need a new president to do so. The current president does not seem to care about anything but keeping power. Once a new person is in charge, the murder rates will go down due to better legislation.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The crime statistics for the Philippines are out and things are looking sick. In fact, the crime statistics show what a disaster law and order is in the Philippines and just how lawless Filipino culture is and the fact no one really cares about anything – neither the country, its people or the rubbish they throw into the environment!

  • No, not now.

    The Philipeans leadership needs to make some changes, but their current President is not going to be able to help lower the murder rate in his country unless he changes his beliefs and attitudes about what is causing the high amount of violence in his country. He needs to work with law enforcement to make changes.

  • There are not enough honest police.

    The Philippines has struggled to implement democracy since the Vietnam War. There is a large problem in that country with government corruption. These things are very hard to root out, especially when there is a culture of corruption at the heart of the government. As long as the corruption continues, the murder rate will remain high.

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