Will the plagiarism accusations against Rand Paul hurt his chances in the 2016 presidential election?

  • Yes plagiarism will haunt Rand Paul.

    Look at history it certainly hurt Biden in his bid for President. It makes Paul look like he doesn't have an original thought himself. The way he handled the whole mess of plagiarism was sophomoric. Surely Republicans can come up with a better nominee than Paul. He can't get along with those in his own party can't even imagine him trying to work across the aisle. He isn't out to serve this country he is out promoting his own agenda where his daddy failed he will as well.

  • Plagarism against Rand Paul.

    I personally agree because plagiarism accusations against Rand Paul because it could hurt his chances in the 2016 presidentia election. It could in the long run affect Rand Paul and what he might have to offer as well as his potentials of maybe being a great president. I personally think that plagiarism is huge and for Rand Paul to go through that could be a lot on him as an individual.

  • The people will be more concerned about proper policy than proper writing

    Rand Paul being accused of plagiarism will not hurt his chances because people in the 2016 will be more than likely looking at the candidate's policy rather than his literary record. It is a complete ad hominem for a candidate to say, "cause he committed plagiarism, he is a terrible person". I think people are disgusted with ad attacks, and if a candidate uses an ad attack against Rand Paul about this, It might create a lashback and end up giving Rand Paul support (providing he uses no ad attacks)

  • No, what's in his corner will stay there

    Rand Paul is the baby of the libertarian party, the people that believe in him aren't going to stop unless he does something unspeakably horrible. Something like a plagarism accusation isn't going to change the mind of anybody that supports him and his comically misguided nonsense, and I don't expect him to ever advance to a point that he's taken seriously as a Republican nominee anyway so it shouldn't cost him anything there.

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