• The planet will survive, humans not as likely.

    The reason overpopulation occurs is due to the fact that humans go against natural selection with the introduction of medicine and life expectancy going up. As in nature only the fittest survive and hand down more prominent and important traits. Humans are genetically weak because of this, with some people being immune to AIDS and others not. The earth would survive this overpopulation as disease and disasters would kill off people. Humans would eventually have minimal resources and would eventually drop our populations. Over time resources would once again replenish and wildlife would flourish.

  • Yes, but we might suffer casualties because of it.

    Yes, the planet will adapt to overpopulation, but that does not mean that it is not a problem. It will not be the planet as we currently know it, and human life will then not be human life as we know it. A stronghold of disease and newer and unpreventable diseases, the destruction of natural resources, etc. will all take its toll, and the planet will always adapt...but human life? Not so.

  • Yes. The planet can and will adapt to overpopulation.

    As the standard of living of humans has increased, the birth rate in post industrialized countries has decreased. This has been due to increased access to education, and thus increased working female population and inherently lower birth rates. Contraception also provides a viable means for population control in post industrialized countries without the concept of murder.

  • Not the way you want it to though.

    There is a point in the film The Matrix where the matrix-borne antagonist, Agent Smith, likens humans to a virus. It's an apt comparison because similar to a virus we are growing without regard to our host.

    But our host is similar to us, in the way it deals with a virus. It flushes them out. The earth will be fine long after we are gone, though it will be different.

  • Yes, there is always a balance in nature.

    Whether that balance includes us is beside the point. Let's say for arguments sake we pollute the whole planet with nulcear waste. There will be some organisms that will survive and maybe even mutate and be able to feed on it. We know radiation does not affect cockroaches for example.

    Sometimes I wonder if it won't be better if we just go ahead and destroy the whole lot so that the lesson can be learned and then build on that, but being dumb greedy humans, it will probably only get worse and not better.

  • The greater the world population, the more people there are who benefit and can experience life. Let human life spread naturally, freely, fill the world

    Why is the human population growing so much? Because humans already are adapting, and because "overpopulation" is a "mad scientist" speculation or outright lie, without proof. In other words, it is a false theory.

    The obvious solution to so many people yearning for more children, and the growing numbers of women of childbearing age, is a denser planet. Build more cities, suburbs, whatever is needed, and let world population soar freely.

  • Yes but not in it's current form

    I believe that humanity will continue to survive in some form unless there is a huge meteor collision/volcanic eruption etc... However the problems that humanity faces with overpopulation will act in a similar way to the Black Death in the 1300's in Europe. Many people are going to die in the near future and it'll either be as a result of a new disease spreading through crowded areas or nuclear war, but this will act as a stimulus for humanity to adapt. The remaining populace will survive in small groups and eventually crawl out of the mess and grow stronger than ever as it did in the Renaissance with new ideas and technologies in the next golden age of mankind

  • Our planet has been ruined, No one can save it now

    As you all know that soon our planet is going to hold 10 billion people. Because of global warming the glaciers are melting and turning into salt water. Fresh water is reducing and in some time it will run out. Resources are not enough for everyone and people are making sacrifices to save others. Don’t you see earth is ruined and the only way we can save ourselves is to find another planet

    I am also part of the flat earth society

  • The human race is doomed

    Overpopulation will lead to rampant viral and bacterial diseases that we will have no defence against,as is already occurring in 3rd world countries.Global warming will become irreversible and eventually lead to an environment that we as humans will be unable to acclimatise to.The very rich will be able to hold out for some time but eventually these too will also succumb to the total extinction of most if not all higher forms of life on Earth.

  • Most likely no

    Look, our planet it already very overpopulated and look at all the poverty we are having and all the overcrowded countries like china, overpopulation also caused global warming because the more people there are the more resource they consume and the resource needs delivering and to make them causes lots of Co2.
    And cars is one of the biggest problem because it causes lots of damage to the air

  • No, the planet will not adapt.

    The planet will not adapt to overpopulation if it happens rapidly. There are only so many natural resources. When we use them up too quickly then the planet will not be able to regenerate them fast enough. I think humans will have to adapt and if we don't it will possibly kill our planet.

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