• Poodle bug will disrupt computer users.

    The new Poodle Bug will most definitely cause disruption for computer users. It's an old system for hacking that has resurfaced and is said to be the most vulnerable to users who use WiFi publicly. With more and more people using their smartphones to surf outside the home, I see this as a potentially huge disruption.

  • No, the "Poodle" Bug will not cause a major disruption with computer users

    No, I do not believe that the "Poodle" Bug will cause a major disruption with computer users. New bugs and viruses come out every day, and the companies that protect users against such vulnerabilities will identify and patch the "Poodle" Bug the same as they would any other exploit or virus.

  • No, the Poodle bug won't be significantly disruptive

    As most SSL encryption locations have already upgraded beyond SSL 3.0, the Poodle bug won't have much effect, if at all. Currently, WiFi providers tend to be using TLS-level encryption and the Poodle bug requires the attacker to be in close proximity. This means that the user will most likely be using the same public WiFi, making the suspect pool exceedingly small if an attack were to occur.

  • Any threat from the "Poodle" Bug Is Minor, At Best.

    With most browsers and web-services already in the process of ending support for SSL 3, most of the damage from the Poddle Bug should be limited to older systems. These would be systems which are unlikely to hold sensitive or critical data. While there is still a risk of a data breach, the scale of the breach should be limited and cause only minor short-terms disruptions that can be easily identified and corrected.

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