Will the pope's activity on Twitter help him connect with more Catholics?

  • Twitter Will Help Him

    The Pope using Twitter will definitely help him reach more Catholics. It can be used as a direct way of getting a statement or information to massive amounts of Catholics within minutes. I think many Catholics would follow the Pope to hear what he has to say or maybe just to see what kind of guy he is.

  • Twitter will help the Pope reach more Catholics.

    Twitter is one of the many social media tools that people can not avoid or ignore. Everywhere you go you hear follow us on twitter or tweet us your opinions. Using twitter will allow the Pope to send a message out that will be received, even if unintentionally, by the masses. Now what people do with the Pope's message is up to the followers of twitter, but the Pope has just found a new and useful tool in getting his message to the masses.

  • Seriously?

    It seems like the Pope would have much more to do than connect with Catholics on social media. The world is full of problems from cultural to social and economical. Seems like the time would be better spent on creating resolutions than composing Tweets. Assign an intern to tweet the tweets!

  • Too much diversity of opinion and not a moderated form

    Religious leaders are best able to connect with their constituents when in a moderated and more private forum. The fact of the matter is that the young, diverse crowd on twitter is much less receptive to religious messages and thus when the Pope expresses opinions that run contrary to prevailing attitudes, he risks being lambasted in a public forum. Many of the responses to the Pope paint the Catholic Church as a backwards institution and when younger people read these arguments they will probably be turned off to the Catholic message, especially when dealing with subjects such as gay rights and contraception.

    Posted by: SMT

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