• Protests Influence Governments

    I believe the protests in Egypt will go somewhere. I believe protests help to get a point across even if they don't make drastic changes right from the beginning. I think the Egyptian government is evolving and changing because of the people in that country. Their efforts should be recognized for the changes they are creating.

  • Yes they probably will

    The various protests that we have seen in Egypt by the mostly by the youth but, that have been joined by others more than likely will go somewhere. In fact the protest known in part as the Arab Spring had brought a revolution to the nation along with other places in the region.

  • They went far.

    Yes, the protests in Egypt will go somewhere, because Egypt is far from settled as to who their leader will be. We have watched as the Muslim Brotherhood has interjected itself into the power vacuum. However, that does not appear to be what most people want, because they are quite extreme.

  • No, the protests in Egypt will not go anywhere.

    Current protests in Egypt are unlikely to go anywhere. The time of change exemplified by the Arab Spring was the golden age of effective protests by the citizens of Egypt. After the violence, the lack of meaningful change and economic problems the time of effective protest has been lost. It is unlikely that protest will result in change.

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