• Occupy Hong Kong will impact global market.

    The Occupy protesters will, in my opinion definitely impact our global market. This has gone on for too long. They are blocking the roads and production. With Hong Kong being a player in the global trade market, the impact should be felt very soon. Hong Kong needs to do more to protect the market at this point.

  • Yes, the protests in Hong Kong will negatively impact global markets

    Protests of any kind can cause activity in global financial markets. Particularly in an emerging market like China where they want to illustrate stability and growth to potential investors. Long and active protests like the one in Hong Kong show that the country is disgrunteled and this could scare investors.

  • No, the markets will not be affected greatly by the protests.

    The financial sector based in Hong Kong would benefit from increased democracy, the cause for which the protesters in Hong Kong are fighting for. As a result, financial experts haven't worried too much about the effects of the protest in itself because they understand that if the objective is accomplished, it will benefit global markets in the long run.

  • No the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are not going negatively impact global financial markets

    No the student led pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong is not going to have a negative effect on the world's financial markets. However the protests are having an effect on the local Hong Kong economy. It has disrupted ATM service and caused more than thirty bank branch offices to close.

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