Will the Quality of Care from Public Health Programs Such as Medicare and Medicaid Improve?

  • Social healthcare will improve the quality of medicare and medicaid.

    Medicare and Medicaid will improve under the Affordable Healthcare Act. In years past, these programs, and subsequently their patients, have been viewed as subpar and the quality of the care they have received has somewhat reflected that in relation to more comprehensive programs provided by insurance companies to those who could afford them. Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, however, everything will be eventually streamlined, which means that everyone, regardless of plan, will be of the same healthcare priority.

  • No, the quality of care from Public health programs will not improve.

    In recent years we have seen the quality of public health care degrade inside of Medicare and Medicaid. Due to this trend, I do not believe that we will see an improvement in the quality of the public health care problems in the near future. But I do hope that these programs improve.

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