• The Rangers will make it to the Stanley Cup finals because they have momentum.

    The Rangers have momentum from winning the President's Trophy, which they earned by scoring the most regular season points. They also have momentum from winning a close conference semi-finals round against the Washington Capitals. They were the underdogs at three games to one, when they came back to win three games in a row to move on to the conference finals.

  • Yes, the Rangers can make it to the Stanley Cup finals.

    A season ago, the Rangers made it to the Stanley Cup finals but lost in the finals to the Los Angelos Kings. This season the Rangers statistical evaluation is better than last season and they are more prepared for the Stanley Cup finals. The Rangers know that it will require a lot of work and are determined to make it.

  • The Rangers will make it to the Stanley Cup finals.

    The New York Rangers have shown pluck and determination throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs, and this will give them the needed push to reach the finals. The Stanley Cup finals will be similar to last year with teams from New York and the greater Los Angeles area playing for Lord Stanley's cup.

  • The Lightning Will Win

    I believe that the New York Rangers are going to choke on Friday, because they don't have the talent that the Tampa Bay Lightning have. Also the Rangers have been bad at home, and I feel that the Lightning are bigger, faster, stronger, and younger. They will come more prepared and the Rangers will fall flat on their face.

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