• Yes. Rangers will win in the playoffs

    In my opinion Rangers are very strong team and I think they have a big chance to win in the playoffs. They have one of the best coaches and they played really good so far. However, with hockey is hard to predict, so I hope they will have luck to finish strong.

  • No. The Rangers will not win the Playoffs.

    I believe the Rangers will make it to the Stanley cup round and then lose. I don't believe they have the drive to win and I believe they've gotten lucky up to this point in the playoffs. The teams they've played have all made too many mistakes and the Rangers were lucky to be playing against them when those teams messed up. I don't believe they will win the Stanley Cup.

  • No because we don't know

    In order to answer this question you must believe in luck almost of some sort. However, we do not know who win and this is no really a debate question but, rather a question of ones opinion. Thus, this question could receive many different answers from many different people who come across it.

  • The Rangers won't win

    The Rangers won't win in the playoffs. This is because when we set expectations for a certain team to win, often it doesn't happen. A lot of hoopla goes into betting on who will get the gold. But the a lot of pressure builds onto the team, and often it breaks them.

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