• Yes, the Ravens will regret trading Anquan Boldin.

    Anquan Boldin is a unique receiver that catches a lot of passes. He is also a big physical receiver which correlates well with the Raven's style of play. Anquan Boldin can and will block hard on all rushing downs. He is also a great end zone receiver. The Ravens made a mistake.

  • Totally Stupid Move

    Boldin was much more than just a WR, he was a tough football player that could think on his feet and provide a block where other players are standing around. He is a smart football player that could catch almost any ball. HE WOULD NOT HAVE DROPPED THAT PASS THAT LEE EVANS DROPPED! There is no way the Ravens won or even made it to the Super Bowl without him. He is worth 6 million and more. He is going to light it up on the 49ers and Ravens are going to realize what a stupid move they made. He was a Raven through and through, tough and got the job done. Torrey Smith is great but still unproven. He can catch a deep ball but he has ALOT of drops there was only one GO TO person that could be depended on and that was Boldin. There is no way that Flacco can rely on the players that he currently has, they are too inexperienced and DO NOT think, they simply react.

  • Yes, the Ravens will be very sorry that they traded Anquan Boldin.

    Yes, the Ravens will be very sorry that they traded Anquan Boldin. They won a Super Bowl in a very exciting game. They defeated many great teams to get there, such as the Patriots and the Forty-Niners. Now it seems to be that they are selling off the team, one great play after another.

  • It was not a wise choice.

    The decision made to trade Anquan Boldin by the Baltimore Ravens was one of the worst decisions they could have made. When Boldin signed with the Ravens, they made a deal that he would receive $28 million over the course of 4 years. They then asked him to take a pay cut to which he refused, which led to him being traded. He was the best receiver they could have had and is the reason why they made it to the playoffs in 2012.

  • It Was Stupid To Trade Him

    The Baltimore Ravens will regret trading Anquan Boldin. He was the best wide receiver on their team. It is stupid to give your quarterback a huge contract, then turn around and trade one of his best weapons. They'll regret this very soon into the season and will struggle to replace him.

  • No, they won't

    The Ravens are in a rebuild, they cashed in last year winning the Super Bowl but have lost a ton of their players since. Ray Lewis has retired, Ed Reed is going to sign with the Texans, their secondary and pass rush have taken other hits. They won't be built to make another run for it this upcoming season, might as well make the trade to try and craft some new talent.

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