Will the recent recall on Sabra hummus make you think twice before purchasing hummus in a grocery store?

  • I'm health conscious, so yes

    I purchased hummus at Giant Eagle a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure if I should throw it out or eat it. But then again, I brought the plain kind so I don't think it will matter. For every time they recalled something i brought, I'd be so rich!! Blah blah blah

  • I will think twice about buying hummus

    I was someone who didn't really buy Hummus that often but the recall will have me thinking twice about buying it in the future. Even if it does seem as if these day a whole lot of products are being recalled, I guess we never know what to buy and what is safe to buy anymore.

  • Sabra Hummus will face downturn in sales

    Sabra hummus has enjoyed lots of popularity in recent years, but most folks feel it's not tasty enough to risk listeria poisoning. Unfortunately listeria has become a problem for several packaged food brands lately and until people feel confident that they can purchase the product safely, they will skip it and choose another brand. Hummus, is easy to make at home and consumers might be tempted to start doing just that.

  • Nope, never will.

    I don't buy it, so in not buying it. I will continue to not buy it. Its bit too expensive for so little quantity for its price. If their prices per oz was near to the other dips prices per oz, then yes. But since they think they are worth so much for so little. No I will not buy it ever.

  • No, the recent recall on Sabra hummus will not make me think twice before purchasing hummus.

    The recent recall on Sabra is just a part of the way food is made in this age, particularly since food is over-processed. In this event, there are plenty of recipes that can be found for homemade hummus that can satisfy the tastebuds while Sabra fixes the issue that caused the recall to begin with.

  • I will still purchase hummus

    The recent recall on Sabra hummus will not keep me from purchasing hummus; I currently have Sabra hummus in my refrigerator and it is not one of the recalled nes, I will still eat this. Just because it is recalled does not mean it contains listeria but that there is a chance that it could; this is an isolated case as with most recalls, this will not affect the fact that I purchase and eat hummus regularly.

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