Will the record number of women in the Senate mean less gridlock?

  • Yes, the record number of women in the Senate will mean less gridlock.

    The majority of women politicians tend to have very similar topics as their platform. Certain issues are looked at with more scrutiny by women than men. Therefore, with more women in the Senate odds would dictate that the women will stick together on a specific agenda. Only one single occurrence having more women agreeing on a specific issue will mean less gridlock.

  • No. More Women in the Senate Will Not Reduce Gridlock.

    Legislators represent their constituencies. Just because a new senator is a women, she will still be expected to represent those who elected her. She is still a member of a major political party and is expected to toe the party line. Based on this, I feel their gridlock will not be reduced.

  • No, the record number of women in the Senate will not mean less gridlock.

    The gender of the members of the Senate has absolutely no bearing on whether or not their will be gridlock in the Senate. While men do tend to be more masculine and women do tend to be more feminine, members of the Senate are not primarily influenced by their gender in decision making but more influenced by their party affiliation. Their goals are not primarily to avoid gridlock but to fight for their voices to be heard and their opinions to be accepted. Women will have no greater success in getting things accomplished in the Senate than men have been able to achieve.

  • Sadly, gender diversity will not help this.

    People disagree and argue with one another no matter what gender they are. What matters is willingness to compromise, a system that promotes such willingness, and people are less stubborn and more clear headed. Whether these people are male or female is irrelevant, it is their personalities and political and philosophical leanings that will matter.

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