• Yes, the Detriot Lions will make it into the postseason.

    Yes, the red hot Detriot Lions have a really good chance of making it into the postseason. Their recent form shows that they have no reason not to keep on winning. The support of their fans and their unwavering determination will assist them when it comes into making it into the postseason.

  • Here we go lions!

    Detroit's mighty lions are all but guaranteed to make it into the post-season this year. With only two games to go, the Lions are seeing an historic performance in their quarterback Matthew Stafford. Stafford has completed 75% of his passes and his statistics are on the level of a Payton Manning. If he and the rest of the Lions stay on this track, we're headed for the Superbowl come January!

  • The Lions are nearly a lock to make the playoffs

    With three games left in the regular season, Detroit has a two-game lead over struggling San Francisco for the final playoff spot. The 49'ers have games left at Seattle and against San Diego and Arizona - all teams with winning records - and would have to miraculously win all three while the Lions lost at least two of their final three to get in. Detroit is almost certainly going to the playoffs.

  • No, the Lions won't make it into the postseason.

    No, I do not believe that the Detroit Lions will make it into the postseason, but that doesn't mean I don't think that they're a great team. Any real sports fan can tell you that one of the best things the NFL has going for it compared to the other sports leagues is its incredible parity; at any given time, there are always a large number of extremely competitive teams, which keeps the league interesting. That is the case now just as much as it ever has been, and consequently the Detroit Lions, a very good team, may still not make it into the postseason.

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