• Yes, the Red Sox's trade for Porcello will help.

    The Red Sox have lost some veteran pitching. They had to give up Jon Lester last year and he had been their most consistent pitcher in recent years. Porcello had some really good years with the Detroit Tigers and if he plays as well as he did there, the Red Sox will be improved.

  • One of the better starting pitchers in baseball.

    Rick Porcello impact will be felt Red Sox's locker rooms and in the team's game too. he is arguably at the top of his game and among the best starting pitchers in baseball leage currently. The team was placing a premium on acquiring durable starters capable of throwing 200 innings per season. Between them, Porcello, Miley and Masterson have thrown 200 innings in a season five times.

  • Rick Porcello was a good trade!

    Rick Porcello was a smart trade for the Red Sox. He is sure with his record to be an asset to help them end up on top again. The Red Sox have historically not made such smart decisions but I feel this time they hit their mark with Rick Porcello.

  • Red Sox need a team effort

    Fans of the Red Soc might hope that the trade for Rick Porcello will help the team improve. While statistically it's possible, the team needs to come together for improvement. The past season has shown holes both on the field and the batting rotation that need to be resolved. Porcello will be a welcomed addition to the team, but more needs to be done.

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