• Yes it is

    Terrorists have always been increasing tensions with arabs, The us doesn’t care and sometimes gives weapons to terrorists to keep on fighting, Plus arabians are realising they’re getting robbed and killed by russia and the us, Well soon enough arabs will overthrow their leaders and actually become a solid nation.

  • Not all Muslims are Arab

    As long as radical terrorism continues then yes if Isis had there way they would decapitate American babies on live tv and if something like that happens which it is highly possible then yes tension will continue every time there is a terrorist attack the hate for Muslims grows stronge. Islam and Muslims will continue to try and influence our laws by infiltrating our government in politics as well not all Muslims are Arabs beware the white and black Muslims in the White House and those in the United Nations who want sharia law this is it folks it’s the Muslims vs the infidels jihad has been declared this is a on going war and will not end until option one Muslims rule the world or option two every Muslim is dead 💀

  • Unfortunately, tensions towards Muslims will not ease, only escalate

    While people like Trump are still running for office, while terrorism continues to exist, while people continue to get their information from the press; tensions towards Muslims will continue to escalate. People are stupid. People are uneducated. People are pack animals.
    Unfortunately, it will take a lot to reverse the damage done.

  • Tensions likely to escalate

    Yes, the religious tensions towards Muslims are likely to continue escalating. We live in a time filled with fear and as a result, hatred and bigotry. Many people are afraid or insecure about their lives. As a result, they are looking for someone to blame or somewhere to place their anger that comes from fear. Right now, Muslims are being held up as that group of people to blame.

  • Migrant crises speaks volumes

    The migrant crisis speaks volumes. People are being forced to flee their own countries, unable to cope with the turn of events. It is definitely a moment of crisis all over the world. Additionally the Paris attacks and similar attacks elsewhere has compelled everyone to ask questions. But the atmosphere of tension and fear prevails among all peoples irrespective of their beliefs, everyone fears for their lives and the lives of their near and dear ones. It is a moment to act with unity and understand that all life is precious. The most important religion is love not hate, all religions at heart, surely believe in the sacredness of life.

  • Muslim voices heard around the world denouncing the extremism will help dissipate the anger

    After the California attacks I saw a phenomenon start to happen. Muslims began to come out publicly to denounce the attack and the extremist views. I even saw a video from England where a man had attacked people with a knife. There was a Muslim man in the vicinity yelling at him that "You are not a muslim". Islam is not about violence and he was reminding the man of that. In the wake of Islamic extremism we have to realize that together we stand and divided we fall. If the public figures can keep that in mind and not fan the flames of bigotry any more than they have been, we should really see a decrease in the tensions against our fellow Muslim citizens.

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