• If they have the will

    The Republican party is like a man with a bad case of gangrene. Left untreated, the patient will die, but radical surgery may save him. Republicans, real conservatives, must amputate the evangelicals, the racists, the big money boys, and the just plain kooks, and get back to their roots. This will relegate them to perhaps even 3nd party status,(assuming the tea tools try to organize), for perhaps a generation, but after this convalescence, the Dems will have built up enough toxins to make the GOP viable again.

  • Eventually they will.

    It is not like the Democratic Party is a good thing, it's just the better of two evils right now. The Republican Party could easily come back if they could just relate to ordinary people, drop the nonsense of religion, and do a much better job of explaining things to the public in terms of what will benefit the people and why. We know that raising the minimum wage lowers the standard of living for people who used to make just above minimum wage that have been dragged back down to the bottom, but I have never heard a Republican explain in detail why it creates a lower standard vs the higher standard that Democrats make it out to be.

  • Yes The Will

    Politics, like most things in the world, goes in cycles. Political leanings are like pendulums; when we swing too far right, we start swinging back to the left. I think American is in a left swing right now. The Bush Era left many people with a bad taste in their mouths, so now the Democrats hold the White House. It will swing back the other way in the near future.

  • They'll Recover Eventually

    The Republican party will eventually recover, though I do not think it will be any time soon. The party is a mess right now and seems to be falling apart. What they need is a candidate that everyone in the part can get behind and support. They also need some new blood in that party.

  • No, it won't.

    The people in the Republican party in congress need to achieve the understanding that they were elected to represent the people in the United States, not to dictate their own views and be intransigent on economic measures that they believe are the only right way to go. They have ceased altogether listening to the voters and instead push forward measures that almost no one wants. It doesn't help that a large portion of them are rich themselves and that they are trying to protect the rich.

  • Not Anytime Soon

    The Republican Party has faced two major losses at the federal level elections in a row. Instead of trying to address the reasons why they lost or the issues that people had with them, they keep attempting to double-down on the crazy stances and ultra-conservative rhetoric that got them into trouble in the first place. The Republicans will not recover until they stop with the hate speech and stop rooting for policies that just don't work.

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