Will the Republican Party ever win a presidential election again?

  • The Republicans will win in 2016

    Under This administration we have lowest worker participation rate sine the 70's. The unemployment rate has only come down because the formula that is used is a joke. Once you stop receiving unemployment benefits, you're no longer a statistic! We have million upon millions of these folks out there. Most, of the jobs created are part time service industry jobs. Class warfare and race baiting are getting old. African Americans have dropped at ever economic level in the last 6 years. Hispanics haven't done much better. The only thing Republicans need to do is orchestrate a better get out and vote campaign they will be fine.

  • Of course it will

    It pains me to say it as I have a deep dislike of the Republican party, but it's going to win a presidential election at some point, it may well be the next one. While they've proven to be a thoroughly useless body of individuals in Washington, it's not like Democrats are dazzling people either, and the United States political system is basically an exercise of swapping from one party to the other after the last one annoyed you. They, unfortunately, will rise again.

  • Democrats will break the economy so bad and change the country's values so wrong that even brainwashed youngsters and ethnic groups will want government change

    The percentage of white voters will increase for the GOP, and those who voted for Obama will regret it deeply.
    The white population is getting tired of seeing people using the race card to justify crime and bad policies.
    Patriotism and conservativism will fight back, and will vote massively to regain the country.

  • Of course!

    Of course the republicans will win a presidential election again. Politics, like most things, goes in cycles. The dems are enjoying theirs, right now. But...I do think the reps need to wake up and get their act together. They've been such obstructionists and have taken the lowest road in so many ways, and if the more moderate and reasonable members of their party do not deal with the renegades, then I think it will be a very long time before they enjoy more political success.

  • The Republicans Will Win Another Election

    Of course the Republican Party can win another presidential election. It might just be a while because the party is kind of a mess right now. The last two candidates they had representing them were a complete joke. I think they just need the right candidate. One that the party can fully get behind and support.

  • Yes They Will

    Anytime a party doesn't win for two elections, there is a lot of doom and gloom about the party and it's prospects for the future. But things change and needs change and people change and so will future elections. It's highly unlikely that the Republican party is out for good, just as the Democratic party was not out for good 8 years ago.

  • Not without some radical changes.

    The Republican party is so out of touch with the average American, it's laughable. What's more, they don't seem terribly interested in changing that image. No one likes to be talked down to, and that's what the Republican's seem to excel at lately. That, and alienating the people they need to get them elected.

  • People vote democrat because they want the FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is no argument==this is a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The republicans pay for the FREE STUFF that is going to support the people that don't work and the illegal aliens, etc. It cannot go on and America is going to not be America as we know it
    Electing Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to this country

  • Why win when you can steal.....GOP.

    They are racial bigots and need to be abolished.... GOP is out of touch with most Americans, their needs/wants and just don't give a damn about people, our environment, our children. They take everything but the blame!!! They need to compel DON YOUNG to RESIGN. He is the biggest national RACIST I have ever heard of since GOP President Harry Anslinger under GOP President Hoover who also led us into the Great Depression.

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