• They will win the presidency

    For these reasons: 1) the present Democrat administration has lied to the American people about Obamacare, 2) the present administration continues to obstinately follow the policies that the American people have indicated they are opposed to in their historic action in the 2014 general election--in contrast to the Clinton administration in the aftermath of the 1994 general election--, 3) many governorships and legislatures have gone Republican, and 4) the American people feel that they need a change of direction.

  • I agree that the Republican Party will win the presidency in 2016.

    For the preceding years we have watched our government collapse under the direction of our current president. I believe that there is now a time of change on the horizon which will give us back the freedom to make out own decisions especially when it comes to health care. We are being forced to conform to a government that will not allow us to make our own decisions.

  • In today's political climate, the Republicans will win.

    Finding a reason not to believe that the republicans will win this next election is difficult. However, there is still a lot of time left for Obamacare to recover, or any number of other things. The republicans lost a lot of support over the government shutdown. That should have been the deciding factor that led the democratic party to victory in 2016. However, the pendulum swung right back to the middle after the failed Obamacare Internet rollout. Its too early for predictions though when the candidates aren't really known.

  • yes they will

    I think that the republican party will win the presidency in 2016, because of President Obama's low approval rating, and the bad image that he has put on all democrats that are in office, and would want to attempt to step up and run for the presedent of the US.

  • No, they won't.

    I don't believe that the Republican party will the presidency in 2016. I haven't seen the candidates yet, but they don't have a strong person to run. Chris Christie is most likely out of contention with his bridge scandal. I don't feel like the party has anyone to offer who isn't a far right wing nut like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. Hilary Clinton is also a very strong and well known candidate who is currently polling well.

  • I don't think so.

    I do not think the Republican part will win the presidency in 2016. Although they have a decent chance because many times people like to switch it up after on party has been in the White House for two terms. The problem is that many people disaprove of the Republicans right now.

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