• The over-reach by Federal Regulators require we move things back right.

    Not to replace; but to remove from Federal oversight. Republicans should support reduction of Federalism and over taxation of individuals. States need to be the focus of Commerce, Education and Health care programs. The EPA has exceeded it's intended purpose and needs to be curtailed. GOD Bless the USA and let people be the focus through personal efforts.

  • Maybe Not All of It But They'll Try

    The Republicans have fought against Obamacare all along, and if they can't repeal it all, they will go after as much of it as they possibly can. What remains of Obamacare will be a shell of what the Democrats passed years ago, but the Republicans won't be able to help themselves. And to be fair, they were elected with a majority which allows them to govern as they see fit.

  • Yes the Republicans in Congress will repeal Obamacare.

    I think that the Republicans in Congress will repeal Obamacare. Most Republicans are against the law and have been trying everything to get rid of it. Now that they have some power they will work to remove Obamacare from law. Honestly, I am not sure that will be such a bad thing.

  • The Republicans cannot reapeal Obamacare

    The Republicans in Congress will not repeal Obamacare because the wheels have been rolling for the program for too long. The system has quickly become ingrained in our country and many people have signed up or switched over. Changes to the program could be expected but a complete repeal is not very feasible.

  • They won't... But should.

    If the Republicans managed to repeal Obamacare, it would be a huge bust for the Obama admin, as it was their chief piece of legislation. If they manage to make an acceptable compromise (e.G. Still having free national healthcare but having it more limited in scope) that receives BI-PARTISAN SUPPORT, Obama will be overridden in his almost certain veto of such a repeal bill, and it will get passed, and the liberals would be devastated.

    But somehow, I don't think they're up to it. Not enough Republicans are conservative enough to be up to the task. They oughta not try rather than try and fail... The public is too easily swayed and they'd lose support if their own signature piece of legislation got defeated.

  • Republican Must Work with Obama

    Though the Republicans have the senate they still must work with Obama since they don't have enough votes to override a veto. Thus meaning that if they were to repel ObamaCare that would all but destroy they hope of getting anything pasted. This is why the Republicans can't and won't repeal ObamaCare.

  • They will leave it alone

    They will leave it alone. This is because Obamacare is already law and part of the medical infrastructure now. I think they will make improvements to it that will remove some of the difficulties associated with the medical program. The lawmakers will nonetheless make some kind of changes that will relieve taxpayers.

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