• There’s no war on gays in Russia, they are just introducing sensible and measured legislation to protect impressionable young people.

    Just as it is illegal to promote alcohol and tobacco to minors most Western countries, Russia wants to protect its young people from the danger of contracting AIDS through homosexual activity - and despite what gay activists tell you, homosexual men are at the highest risk of contracting AIDS, which is why it was formerly called GRIDS, standing for Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

    As the Russian sports minister said "We want to protect our young generation, whose psyche has not been formed. We want to protect them against the propaganda of drunkenness, drugs and non-traditional sexual relations. When they grow up and become adults, they have to define what they want for themselves."

    It seems sensible and proportionate to seek prevent hordes of screaming homosexuals from hanging around schools peddling their gay ways to impressionable kids and to try and stop gangs of roaring poofs from queering up youngsters in swimming pools and sports clubs.

  • Russians have a knack for defeating unstoppable forces

    I mean anyone who can go one on one with Nazi Germany and actually bring them to a halt (with the help of some wind chill) could easily beat gays because nazis compared to gays? Dont make me laugh. Nazi's are the most evil people in the history of the world and are so Uber-German they drink beer watered down with whiskey and they always sound super angry (though many contend that the German language makes anyone sound angry). Now compare the Nazi's to gays, the guys who wont go outside if the humidity is too high just because they dont want their hair to get all frizzy because they spent all morning getting it just the way they wanted and they used that super expensive hair cream they got at that new gay friendly salon that used to be a hotdog stand.... LOOK MY POINT IS that Nazis are a lot harder to beat then Gays, and Russia put foot to a** on Nazi Germany so im more then confident that they could f*ck up gays, which may or may not be pleasurable depending on what kind of gay person you are.

  • Ba ba ba

    Yes but the war on grinding will neva die!! ! ! N n n n n n n n n n nn n n n n n nn n. Nn n n n n n n nn n n n n n n n n n n n n n

  • There are gays in Russia too.

    The Nazi's were defeated by the Russian's because of bad timing and stupid leadership; Hitler was just a screaming idiot who knew nothing of war tactics. And its not that Russia can take the gay population head on, it's weather they want to deal with everyone who thinks that rules against who people want to be with are stupid. Countries that allow gay marriage aren't countries that have a overwhelming population of gays, they just have a lot of people that don't restrict other to do what they want. I don't what kind of gay people you hand around with but not all gay people are fairies, some are the body building freaks big enough to take down a couple Russians.

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