Will the Science and Entertainment Exchange make science fiction movies more believable?

  • Yes, storyline believability requires technical accuracy.

    Yes, merging science and entertainment will make science fiction movies more believable. When filmmakers fail to use expert knowledge when creating fiction-based stories, they are less believable. Although not every movie viewer is a scientist, most film watchers know when they are being duped by non-experts whether the subject is war or love, we can all sense when the “facts are off” so to speak. If directors and writers do not consult scientists when creating science fiction then the end result will lack half the equation, namely, the science part! Thus, the Science and Entertainment Exchange will invariably make science fiction movies more believable.

  • Yes, if they can improve quality of the professionals.

    The Science & Entertainment Exchange connects entertainment industry professionals with top scientists and engineers to create a synergy between accurate science and engaging storylines in film and TV. By preparing these professionals, and hence adding quality to the productions, this organization will most definitely help science fiction movies become more believable.

  • The Science and Entertainment Exchange will absolutely make science fiction movies more believable.

    Yes, science fiction movies are becoming more believable thanks to the Science and Entertainment Exchange. Connecting leading scientists with leading entertainment professionals has benefited science fiction movies exponentially. Nowadays, we have so many people who not only analyze movies for plot and character, but also for accuracy. A talking animal would never fly outside of a kid's movie unless there was some sort of technology enhancing the animal's intelligence. It has really helped science fiction movie producers, writers, and directors to connect with scientists to scan their movies for accuracy.

  • Science Fiction movies are for entertainment purposes

    Science fiction movies, including things like aliens and time travel, are solely for the purpose of entertaining viewers. Just because the entertainment industry is making them life like and playing up this specific genre does not make undocumented claims any more believable. Viewers watch for the wow factor, not to prove that certain science fiction elements are real.

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