• Yes, the Seahawks will go to the Super Bowl again this year.

    A couple of months ago, most if not all sports pundits agreed that the Seattle Seahawks didn't look like the same team that won it all last year. After they let go of Percy Harven, the level of noise increased, with speculation as to whether problems in the locker room didn't have something to do with their decline. But recently, the Seahawks have proven all of their detractors wrong and look poised to return to the Super Bowl again this year.

  • The Seahawks will not go to the Super Bowl

    The Seattle Seahawks are second in their division with few games left to play this year. They will not be headed to the Super Bowl without a complete failure on the part of the Cardinals. While the Seahawks are doing better than most teams in the NFC, the Cardinals are too strong and stand in their way.

  • The Seahawks won't make it through Green Bay

    While Seattle has played well of late, and will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs, they don't have the play makers necessary to beat the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is too good and has too many weapons at his disposal for Green Bay to lose to a team - at home, no less - that doesn't have a single receiver averaging as much as 50 yards again. The Seahawks will make a good showing, but eventually get outscored.

  • Seahawks will Settle for Third

    The Seattle Seahawks are having a good season, but the field is wide open this year. It is still definitely any team's game. Currently, the Seahawks are on a three-game winning streak, but they are only second in their division, which means there are plenty of teams still in the running to beat them.

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