• Yes. I think.

    Just simple. They have the best QB and the best record. Not just they have a coach that has experience but he can also lead the Seahawk to a much better team then last year. So I guess the Seahawks will get a repeat just as the Miami Heat did. :D

  • Yes they will go back to the super bowl

    They will cause they are the best team in the NFL. The sea hawks have Russell Wilson and they have already won. They have a good record so far and they are beasting it and beating every team in the NFL. GOOOO SEAHAWKSSS thank you everyone for understanding. The END

  • No, Seattle’s current record and recent loss to Dallas does not favor a return to the Super Bowl in 2015.

    Seattle’s current record of 3-2 combined with their recent loss, at home, to Dallas does not lend hope to their returning to the Super Bowl in 2015. The Seahawks, normally a fantastic team with home field advantage, suffered a heartbreaking loss to Dallas this past week with a final score of Dallas 30, Seattle 23. Seattle’s current record does not compare to their record last year, and with a handful of injured players with uncertain futures Seattle’s chances for Super Bowl 2015 are just not favorable.

  • No I don't think Seattle will make the Super Bowl in 2015.

    Nope, I don't think the Seattle Seahawks will make a return trip to Super Bowl in 2015. But the Denver Broncos will be back for the big dance and this time they will win the Lombardi Trophy for owner Pat Bowlen. Seattle just doesn't seem to have the fire and passion they played with last year.

  • No, the Seahawks won't return to the Super Bowl in 2015

    As with every reigning champion in professional sports, the big question with the Seattle Seahawks is whether they can go back to back and win the title again this year. On one hand, Seattle is unquestionably a great team, putting together one of the best defenses in recent NFL history. On the other, there's a good reason why so many commentators have lauded the parity of the NFL, namely that there are always many potential championship contenders in the league at any given time. Seattle's upset loss to the Cowboys confirms that there are teams out there capable of dethroning the reigning champs.

  • Will Seattle Return?

    The Seattle Seahawks, reigning Super Bowl champions, are not on the path to return to the Super Bowl in 2015 and hold on to their title. As the season continues, more and more teams are surpassing the Seahawks, both offensively and defensively, giving Seattle fans no reason to celebrate this year.

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