• Yes, they will.

    I think that most people have become disillusioned with Trump for one reason or another. Many of these people will vote for Hillary Clinton. As usual, a large number of people will not vote at all. The sentiment in the country is changing, and Donald Trump does not seem to represent these changes.

  • Donald Trump has alienated most American people.

    Donald Trump in the course of this election campaign has offended African-Americans, Latinx voters and female voters with his overt and mean-spirited bigotry. While these people are less likely to openly express their dislike of Trump in online forums because they are vulnerable to abuse they will certainly act against him by casting a vote for Clinton in November.

  • No, The Silent Majoity Will Vote for Trump.

    No, I do not believe that the silent majority will vote for Clinton. In general I feel that the type of person that will vote for Clinton are more likely to be involved in polls that are taken. Many Trump supporters seems to be off the grid in terms of polls and I think it will be a surprise when the votes come in.

  • The silent majority will not vote for Hillary sepcifically.

    The silent majority will still be split between the candidates. Many people believe that neither is fit for office, but they know one of the two candidates will. The votes will go to whichever candidate the individual feels will do the least damage as the president, or whichever candidate the individual has the least concern for because of past faults.

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